Dr Janice Simmonds-Fisher: Pioneering Stem Cell Therapy in the Caribbean

Dr Janice Simmonds-Fisher

Ever heard of stem cell therapy? It is the use of stem cells to treat or even prevent disease. While fairly new and still in its experimental phase, stem cell therapy has progressed greatly over the years. And now, Jamaica has been identified as the place where the first successful case worldwide using stem cells to restore vision took place. The Jamaican making this claim is Dr Janice Simmonds-Fisher. She made the revelation during her presentation at the 2018 Jamaica Stock Exchange Conference. The cells were used to restore vision in a Canadian patient.

The slide from Dr Simmonds-Fisher’s presentation stating that the first successful case using stem cells to restore vision worldwide was performed in Jamaica. See the full presentation on the JSE’s website.

Let’s get to know Dr Simmonds-Fisher and her work.

A physician for more than 10 years and operator of BIO-regeneration Integrated Medical Center in Montego Bay, St James, Simmonds-Fisher got involved in stem cell therapy through her involvement in the anti-ageing industry. A year ago, BIO-regeneration started focusing on adult stem cell therapy for lung disease, arthritis, and diabetes. She has received a Merit of Special Service for missionary work and the Order of Excellence from the World Association of Natural Medicine Practitioners. She is also an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Her company has already done more than 80 successful cases, 60 of which were referrals from Bioheart in the United States in Miami, Florida, a regenerative medicine company, which sends patients to Jamaica for the treatment. Dr Simmonds-Fisher’s organisation has also assisted in some of the FDA [US Food and Drug Administration] clinical trials that have allowed several conditions to be fully approved in the United States.

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