8 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts To Make Your Wallet Happy

DIY gifts

This is the time of year we go about looking for the perfect gift for our friends and family members. Tough economic times have made it more difficult to afford to give gifts like we used to, but that doesn’t mean giving a great present is out of the question. If you are on the crafty side or are curious about trying something new this Christmas, a do-it-yourself gift might just do the trick.

If you are a seasoned DIY-er, you may know that some projects can cost more than actually just going out and buying an item. However, if you’re smart, you can create a beautiful gift made with love and on a budget. After all, handmade gifts are often the best, right?

1. Pressed Herb Candles

This a lovely gift that you can make for your friends. Make each candle unique by using different herbs or even dried flowers. Tie a handwritten note on the jar with a personal message or some information on therapeutic properties of the essential oils you chose.

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2. A Year of Dates

This is a lovely gift for the couples in your life. You’re probably wondering what a ‘Year of Date Nights’ is, so here’s the basic idea:

It’s a box or binder which includes twelve envelopes, one for each month of the year. Inside each sealed envelope is an idea for a date (day or night) and some props or accessories to go along with it. The couple opens one envelope at the beginning of the month and then picks a day that month to go on their date. When the year is complete, the couple can refill the envelopes with things for next year.

Sounds fun, right? You can look up great local spots and events in diGJamaica’s Travel Tuesday blog posts and contact the various locales to find out about any packages or specials they may have.

3. Glitter-Dipped Mugs

If you have a teen daughter, niece or cousin, these dazzling mugs are a fun and quirky gift. Not to mention safe to wash over and over again. Pair this with yummy hot chocolate mixes to keep toasty in the chilly ‘Christmas breeze.’

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4. Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Quick Bread in A Bottle

Here’s a fun and interactive gift for the foodie or aspiring foodie. Pre-measure all the dry ingredients and put them in a beautiful 1-quart mason jar, so all that’s left to do is add in the wet ingredients. Don’t forget to include the baking directions and to invite yourself over when it’s out of the oven.

Get it locally!

  • Chocolate chips, the baking section in your local supermarket
  • Mason jars, All That Matters

5. Peppermint Spa Trio

After the stress of the holidays, why not give your friends and family the gift of relaxation? This is a personal favourite of mine after I made the scrub for my 15-year-old niece on her birthday. She hasn’t stopped raving about it and even put in another ‘order.’

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  • Peppermint essential oil and pure cocoa butter, Earth Elements
  • Epsom salts, your local supermarket
  • 1 ½ pint canning jars, All That Matters

6. Embroidery Thread Wrapped Earrings

This selection is definitely the easiest and most affordable. Purchase a few inexpensive items and you’re well on your way. Personalise this gift by using your friend or special lady’s favourite colours. Since hoop earrings are usually so affordable, you can even gift her with two or three custom pairs.

Get it locally!

  • Embroidery thread, Fabric store
  • Hoop earrings, any store or boutique that sells costume jewelry
  • Craft glue, Liguanea Drug and Garden Centre

7. Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

Men love to feel pampered just as much as women do, even if they don’t readily say it. This all-natural rosemary mint shaving cream will have him feeling refreshed after every shave. You can make the gift even better by including a nice shaving kit and a gift certificate for Totally Male.

Get it locally!

  • Mason jar, All That Matters
  • Shea butter and essential oils, Earth Elements

8. Infused Vodka

This will take a little time to make but it’s totally worth it. This is a good gift for someone who enjoys hosting parties with a few friends or experimenting with making their own cocktails at home.

Get it locally!

  • Bottles, All That Matters

Spending the time to make a gift can be a very special experience and it reminds us of the true meaning of the season, which is sharing with those you love.

Leave your comments below and let us know what was your favourite handmade gift you’ve given or received over the years.

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