diG4U: How diGJamaica Works For Researchers

Here’s why researchers ought to be digging into diGJamaica – a thorough explanation of why diGJamaica is the perfect tool to diG4U!

diGJamaica literally means Digital Information from the Gleaner. The ‘diG’ is an acronym as well as a play on the actual word, meaning “to delve, search, sift, go into, unearth, uncover.” This, in a nutshell, is diGJamaica’s special purpose: to facilitate the unearthing of information about Jamaica on a simple, easy-to-use digital platform. Our goal is to make this website the place online where all useful information on Jamaica resides. Our goal is make this website a researcher’s best friend.

While we are still in the process of developing, here are some ways in which diGJamaica already meets the needs of researchers:

  1. Gleaner Archives at your disposal: diGJamaica is one way in which The Gleaner newspaper – the largest and oldest newspaper in the English-speaking Caribbean, chronicling 183 years of Jamaican and Caribbean history – markets its archives to researchers. We do this by offering unique insights from the archives to readers. Check out, for example, the entire ‘Our Past’ section, which gives extensive information on significant moments from Jamaica’s past. There’s a breakdown of Historical Eras, Pieces Of The Past, and This Day In Our Past.
  2. Lots and lots of DATA: There is actually a section on the website completely devoted to providing data on Jamaica, which includes census information, murders per parish, inflation rates, information on Jamaica Stock Exchange and markets, Jamaica’s progress with the IMF, and more.
  3. Research References: diGJamaica also shows you where to go for even more in-depth information on certain topics. We provide guidance for researchers on where else they can go to ‘diG’ even deeper into issues, or who they can contact to get direction on where to go to make their research process smoother and more productive.
  4. Explanation of Current Affairs: diGJamaica does not produce the news – that’s the Gleaner’s job! What we’re good at is complementing the Gleaner by explaining, defining and giving background to key issues in Jamaica’s news.
  5. Timelines: This is an interesting way to follow the news as it breaks down the development of a news story step by step as it unfolds. It helps researchers to accurately track the progression of the issue and to also understand the origins of some of Jamaica’s most topical news.

Watch out for more articles in the #diG4U series as we try to explain how diGJamaica is positioned to make life easier for persons from all walks of life. Whether it’s photos, charts, timelines, or in-depth listicles, DiG is your resource on all things Jamaica. It’s like the gift that that keeps on giving …