diG4U: How diGJamaica Works For Parents

Here’s why parents ought to be digging into diGJamaica – a thorough explanation of why diGJamaica is the perfect tool to #diG4U!

diGJamaica literally means Digital Information from the Gleaner. The ‘diG’ is an acronym as well as a play on the actual word, meaning “to delve, search, sift, go into, unearth, uncover.” This, in a nutshell, is diGJamaica’s special purpose: to facilitate the unearthing of information about Jamaica on a simple, easy-to-use digital platform. Our goal is to make this website the place online where all useful information on Jamaica resides. While we are still in the process of developing, here are some ways in which diGJamaica already meets the needs of parents:

  1. Education resources: diGJamaica has an entire section of the website devoted to providing information on education resources that exist in Jamaica. This includes an updated academic year calendar, sourced directly form the Ministry of Education; exam results, a back-to-school guide an booklist guide. Parents will find these resources useful in helping them navigate the Jamaican school system. Visit the section here: digjamaica.com/education_resources.
  2. Academic year calendar: How many times have you wondered when school is supposed to close for holiday, or reopen after a holiday? Stay on top of things with this updated calendar, giving dates for when each school term starts and ends, as well as holidays and exams.
  3. Back-to-school guide: Preparing your child/ren to go back to school can sometimes be a hassle. Take the stress out of it with our guide and checklist.
  4. Exam results: How did a particular high school do in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT)? How did a particular high school do in the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) exam? Find out here!
  5. Scholarships supplement: Here’s a comprehensive list of all the scholarships being offered in Jamaica at various levels. There might just be something in it for you, or your child.
  6. MOE booklist guide: A guide to help parents know which text books are prescribed and recommended by Jamaica’s Ministry of Education.
  7. Special education resources: Special education is an area that receives minimal attention, and, ironically, parents of children who require special education need plenty of help and support. At diGJamaica, we try to bridge that gap by providing information on the resources available to these parents, so they can find the help and support they and their children need.

Other ways diGJamaica works for parents:

  1. Explanation of Current Affairs: diGJamaica does not produce the news – that’s the Gleaner’s job! What we’re good at is complementing the Gleaner by explaining, defining and giving background to key issues in Jamaica’s news.
  2. Follow the blog! Our blog (www.diGJamaica.com/blog) gives you the highlight stories from the day’s news in a nutshell everyday. Our 6Things list is a quick read that keeps you up to speed. And we provide other feature articles on our blog that will amuse, entertain, educate and tickle your brain.

Watch out for more articles in the #diG4U series as we try to explain how diGJamaica is positioned to make life easier for persons from all walks of life. Whether it’s photos, charts, timelines, or in-depth listicles, DiG is your resource on all things Jamaica. It’s like the gift that that keeps on giving …