diG4U: Check out our Timelines!

Here at diGJamaica, we have a commitment to ensuring that the average Jamaican has a more-than-average understanding of the news. As a result, one of our most popular initiatives has been our TIMELINES, which follow events surrounding popular, topical and/or controversial issues as they unfold in Jamaica. We have received so much feedback from our readers, in favour of these timelines, that we are fully determined to keep them coming, as history unfolds in Jamaica. We’ve also decided to do one post with all our timelines in one place, for easy reference, and to help you with everything from research to self-enlightenment. See the list below.


Governance, Politics & Parliament

ZOSOs and States of Emergency

Topical News Stories

Natural Disasters


Write in to let us know what other areas you would like us to diG up more information on. Is there are court case that you would like a timeline for? Or a popular issue? Leave a comment below with the suggestion and we will be sure to add it to our list and diG4U!