diG of the Day – The Salvation Army

Photo Courtesy : Salvation Army Facebook Page
Photo Courtesy : Salvation Army Jamaica Facebook Page

Hi diGgers

Did you catch the article ‘Volunteer ‘Soldiers’ Take Aim At Christmas Donations’  in today’s Gleaner?

The article tells the story of two individuals from different age groups who have been volunteering with the organization for a number of years and the part they play in the organization’s flagship annual fundraising project – ‘Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Appeal’.

The 2013 Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Appeal was launched on Friday November 8, 2013 at Scotia Centre, downtown Kingston. Throughout the festive season volunteers will be located outside Scotiabank branches, supermarkets and other places of business to collect donations that allows the organization to continue to do its good work throughout the year.

Let’s diG into some more information about the Salvation Army.

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