#diG Number: 250 Million

diG Deeper

Jamaicans living abroad are not only essential to the well being of their family remaining on the island but they are also important to the Jamaican economy. As many Jamaicans living and working in the Diaspora transfer a portion of their earnings on a monthly basis back to the island, as what is called Remittances. Remittances make up an estimated 15% of Jamaica’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The latest available information on Jamaica’s Remittances is at May 2014. Net remittances for May was US$171.6 million, representing an increase of  US$9.7 million or 6 percent, versus May 2013. Net remittances for the period January to May, amounts to US$795.3 million, representing an increase of of US$42.1 million or 5.6 percent, compared to 2013 period.

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