Did Your High School Make The CSEC Grade?


According to The CSEC Grade, published today as a supplement by The Gleaner, the 2014 CSEC test results for English and Mathematics reflect continuing improvement over last year. As reported by the Ministry of Education, two out of every three students (66.4%) who took the English exam receiving a passing mark, and more than half (55.5%) of those who took the Mathematics exam did so as well.

How did your school fare in the 2014 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC)? If you attended or send your children to certain traditional high schools, you would have cause to celebrate – at least where Math and English Language are concerned. On the other hand, some traditional schools and upgraded ones have cause for concern.

Another issue highlighted in the supplement is the fact that girl are continuing to far outpace boys in the classroom. In fact, the majority of the top-performing institutions are all-girl schools. This comes as no great surprise as females have been outperforming their male counterparts at almost every level of the education system for several years now.

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