Did You Know? 25 Interesting Champs Trivia Facts

Here are 15 more fun facts:

  1. In 1976, Calabar High School ended Kingston College’s 14-year winning streak.
  2. Vere Technical High School began its 15-year championship streak, which was broken in 1994 by Manchester High School.
  3. In 1982, Calabar and Kingston College were banned from participating in Champs because of a fight on the track during 1981’s staging of the event.
  4. St Jago won their first Boys’ Championship title in 1987.
  5. Rudolph Mighty, of Jamaica College, set a record of 10.39 seconds in the Class One 100m that would remain unbroken for hte next 11 years.
  6. In 1995, St Jago’s Omar Bailey was the first athlete to win the 400 in every class at Champs.
  7. In 1996, St Jago won the first Girls’ Champs.
  8. Boys and girls started to compete in a joint meet in 1999.
  9. Usain Bolt made his Champs debut in 2003 and placed fifth in the Class 3 200m.
  10. In 2007, St Jago’s Yohan Blake set two records. He broke Rudolph Mighty’s 11-year 100m record, setting a new time of 10.21s, and helped his school’s 4x100m relay team to a record-breaking time under 40 seconds.
  11. In 2010, ISSA celebrated the 100th staging of Champs.
  12. Donald Quarrie was selected for Jamaica’s Olympic team while still attending Camperdown High School in 1968.
  13. Veronica Campbell-Brown was still a student at Vere Technical High when selected for Jamaica’s Olympic team in 2000.
  14. Jamaica’s Herb McKenley (1994), Lennox Miller (1997), Cathy Rattray (2000) and Inez Turner (2001) are all featured on the Penn Relays Wall of Fame.
  15. Up to 2016, Vere Technical held top honours for winning the most Girls’ Champs titles – 27. Kingston College had the most Boys’ Champs wins – 31.