Jamaican Geography

Jamaica is a mountainous island situated in the north of the Caribbean Sea. It is the third largest of the 4 Greater Antilles. Together, these islands sit along the fault line of the Caribbean and North American Tectonic Plates. 

Jamaica is the third-largest Anglophone nation in the Western Hemisphere and its capital city, Kingston, is the largest Anglophone city in the Caribbean.  


4,244 sq. miles / 10,991 km^2

Elevation Extremes 

  • Highest, Blue Mountain Peak  7,402 ft / 2,256 m
  • Lowest, Caribbean Sea  0 ft / 0 m
Cayman Trough/ Cayman Trench (north and west of the island) 
25,217 ft / 7,686 m below sea-level
2,705,800 (2010 est)  1,325,800 (m), 1,380,000 (f)


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