Dennis Brown Playlist


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Jam with the Crown Prince of Reggae on his birthday with this special Dennis Brown playlist. His catalogue is so vast (84 albums!), but we’ve selected some of his best-known original hits and covers for fans to enjoy. If your favourite Dennis Brown song is not on the list, tweet us or share on Facebook using the hashtag #idiGreggae.

  1. Here I Come
  2. Money In My Pocket
  3. Should I
  4. No Man Is An Island
  5. If I Follow My Heart
  6. Rain From the Sky
  7. Stick By Me
  8. Silhouette
  9. Promised Land
  10. Your Love Got A Hold On Me
  11. Love Had Found Its Way
  12. Rain From the Skies
  13. Mr Fix It
  14. Starting All Over Again
  15. For You
  16. Inseparable
  17. Stop the Fussing & Fighting
  18. Hold On to What You’ve Got
  19. Black Magic Woman
  20. Lips of Wine
  21. Some Like It Hot
  22. Always On My Mind
  23. Ain’t That Loving You
  24. The Look of Love
  25. Satisfaction Feeling
  26. If You’re Rich, Help the Poor
  27. Wolf and Leopards
  28. The Song My Mother Used to Sing
  29. Revolution
  30. Ababa Jahni

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