Crime In Jamaica – January to April 2013

Statistics from the Jamaica Constabulary Force have been released and diGJamaica has visualised them for your consumption.

Through April 2013, murders have decreased by 1.4% to 344. Jamaica still averages just under 3 (2.87 to be more exact) murders per day. While we are happy for the improvement over 2012, this figure is 9 more than the 335 recorded through the same period in 2011.

Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force

As expected, the majority of murders were concentrated in the main population centres of Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine and St. James.

Interestingly and unfortunately, Trelawny almost has as many murders this year in 4 months (13) as it did in all of 2012 (14). St. Mary is also in Trelawny’s category with 14 murders through 4 months while it only had 19 in 2012. Portland is by far the least likeliest place to be murdered in Jamaica.

Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force

At the same time, the Police are continuing to do their jobs under difficult circumstances. It is unfortunate, however, that there are so many fatal Police shootings. Statistics reveal a 9.4% increase in the number of fatal Police shootings through April 2013 to 81, an increase of 7 over the same period in 2012. That is a rate greater than 2 fatal police shootings every 3 days.

Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force

Sadly, members of the Police force are also being murdered at the fastest rate since 2010.

Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force

With respect to other major crimes, the number of reported shootings is down 1.8%, but still well in excess of 3 shootings per day.

Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force

To the JCF’s credit, robbery is the ONLY category of major crime that has shown an increase. The increase through April is shown below and represents 3.5% over the same period in 2012. Still, this represents 7 reports of robbery per day.   

Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force

Whether we should commend the Police, awareness, or something else for the number of rapes reported falling by 38%, diGJamaica is just happy that the number is falling. We just hope it is not for a lack of reporting. We thank the Police, as whatever they are doing seems to be working in this aspect of major crime and encourage them to keep up the good work. The January to April figure of 193 still represents just under 2 rapes reported per day.

Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force

Impressive improvement has also been seen in the improvement in the number of reported break-ins. They have decreased by 25% when compared to the January to April period of 2012. Kudos to the Police force for this marked improvement once again. We expect the Police to keep working in this area as they have good momentum and the figure represented in the graph below still indicates more than 6 break-ins per day.

Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force

There is a lot of work still to be done. diGJamaica thanks the Jamaica Constabulary Force for releasing crime data in a timely and orderly manner.