Costs Involved in Obtaining a USA Visa

A visa application fee of $160 U.S. dollars must be paid (in Jamaican dollars at the exchange rate set by the U.S. Embassy) for the NIV interview. For Jamaican and Caymanian residents, you may pay this fee through your local Paymaster Jamaica Limited branch. For residents of other nations, you may pay this fee at the cashier’s window in the U.S. Embassy on the morning of your appointment.

Call Center Costs

The cost for the call centre option will be US$13 to obtain visa information and schedule an appointment for a non-immigrant visa interview. The call centre can be reached by dialling 1 -800-572-7780, Monday through Friday, 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. local time, except on Jamaican and U.S. holidays. For the US$13, the caller will receive eight minutes of call time with an agent. *–   Over the phone, the fee is payable by Visa or MasterCard. Cash payments for a Pin allowing eight minutes with an agent can be made at any NCB branch. The Pin will be activated the next business day.

The fee covers an eight-minute conversation and would allow an applicant to reschedule the appointment twice, if necessary.

The Embassy’s self-service website address is:, at which applicants are to schedule a visa appointment or obtain information on how to apply for a visa. There is a US$10 charge for the service, payable by Visa or MasterCard through the website.

To pay for the same service by cash, a personal identification number (Pin) can be purchased at any National Commercial Bank branch using Jamaican dollars. The Pin is then entered at the website. This service is available 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

DHL will deliver passports to applicants’ addresses for US$8.50. Only one fee will be charged per family of up to five members.