Cool Waters – Beat The Heat At These Rivers And Falls


Although it’s almost too hot to even think about leaving the comfort of your home AC or fans, you still need a little fun in the sun. A little road trip with friends will do the trick, and the best part about this excursion is that your destination has cool water you can just dive into. So, make sure your car’s AC is in good nick and enjoy!

Blue Hole, St Ann – Also called Island Gully Falls, this little gem is just starting to become popular. The view is spectacular, and the cold water is just what you need in this sweltering summer. It is located in the White River Valley, in the Exchange area, about 30 minutes outside of Ocho Rios. The falls cascade into a beautiful blue pool that’s about 25 feet deep. You can also play Tarzan and swing from the ropes hanging around, or climb up the falls to find smaller pools.

Irie River, St Ann – Also located in the White River Valley, this sandy bottomed river is located just 15 minutes upstream from the ocean. The gentle flow allows for safe swimming.

Windsor Mineral Spring, St Ann – Also called Fire Water Pond, this natural sulphur spring, refreshed from underground, is located just outside of St Ann’s Bay. Your guide will demonstrate the fire water to you, and you can even wade into the pond as the flames dance on the surface. The high concentration of minerals in the water is said to contain medicinal properties.

Mahoe Falls, St Ann – These falls are located on the Coyaba River Garden and Museum property. You can climb the falls or just swim in the pool at the base.

Turtle River Falls, St Ann – This tropical rainforest paradise boasts 14 natural falls as well as streams and spring-fed pools. While you’re there, explore the largest walk-in aviary in the Caribbean.

Breadnut Valley Falls, St Elizabeth – Located in Maggotty, the picturesque area is still a little known spot. The falls cascade into a stunning blue pool, perfect for swimming or just taking a dip.

Reggae Falls, St Thomas – Also called Dam Head, the falls cascade from a height of 30 feet. Access is tricky, as it requires walking, riding, or driving through the large river bed. Once you get there, you can get a natural massage for your sore muscles from the pounding water.

Dornoch Head Blue Hole, Trelawny – The riverhead, located in Stewart Town, is the source of the Rio Bueno. It is a fairly large pond, about 25 feet wide.

Nanny Falls, Portland – Located next to Moore Town, a Maroon community, the falls – which were once much wider – once aided runaway slaves in their escape: they would hide behind the curtain of water and disappear into the forests on the other side or perhaps a cave.

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