Constituencies With Under 50% Turnout In 2011 (with Excel download)

constituencies under 50

The table above shows the constituencies with under 50% turnout in 2011. It is sorted by 2011 vote margin. The 2011 and 2007 vote margins are shown and are highlighted in the color of the party that won the seat in that election year.

19 Constituencies in 2011 had turnouts of less than 50%, ranging from 40.64% to 48.94%.

  • 12 were won by the PNP.
  • 7 were won by the JLP. 

The average margin of victory for these seats was 2,793. 

  • 3 of these seats had a margin of less than 1,000 votes, namely St. James Central, St. Andrew West Rural and St. James West Central.

The average number of electors in these seats for the 2016 election is 3,276.

To view the Excel file for the table above, click 2011 Constituencies Under 50.