How to Compare Prices Online – Grocery, Hardware, Petrol and Textbooks

Do you know where to find the cheapest gas? Or corned beef? Or cement?  All these prices and much more information is available online at the Consumer Affairs Commission’s database. Importantly, you can make specific queries with their Price Enquiry Tool.  Here’s what’s available:

You can find and map detailed Petrol Price Information – prices by type (87, 90, Diesel, USLD) and location available as on a map, trend or table.  You can even calculate your estimated budget.  Use this tool here

An example :

A date was chosen (2019 – 01 – 31) then a type of gas (87) then we hit “View Prices”.  This was the map generated which you can zoom in or out of on a mobile, tablet or desktop.

Another link has the database for Grocery, Hardware, Petrol and Textbook Price Information by date, parish and items by brand (of which there are extensive lists for each category). You can see prices, compare individual prices by outlets and even create baskets to compare by outlets.  Use this tool here 

Regularly, the Consumer Affairs Commission publishes a Consumer Alert in The Gleaner. It’s a summarized scaled down version of what you can find for yourself online.

In this sample, you can see a variety of common household grocery items with prices listed by brand and location in the corporate area, St. James and Westmoreland.

Cells highlighted in red and green, signify the highest price and lowest price, respectively, for that particular item amongst the outlets surveyed in the parish.


Before you go shopping, check out where to find the best prices!