Christmas in Jamaica: What We Remember

Jamaicans are a truly unique breed of people with a predictable set of traditions at Christmas time. When it comes to especially food, music and clothes, Christmas in Jamaica has a very specific feeling and flavour. Here are some of the things that are most distinct in our diG family’s memories of their Jamaican Christmas experience:

1. Foods

  • Christmas fruit cake
  • Gungo rice and peas
  • Sorrel
  • Curry goat
  • Jerk chicken
  • Potato salad
  • Soup


2. Music

  • Traditional Christmas carols
  • Jamaica flavoured carols
  • Happy, upbeat songs
  • Dancehall tunes
  • Disco/’dance’ songs


3. Clothes

  • Family from ‘farrin’ in winter wear
  • People in their very finest threads
  • Weaves aplenty: women in every variation of wig and weave known to man
  • Very short party dresses despite the biting cold
  • Thigh-high boots despite the searing heat
  • Kangol hats

4. Family

  • Family from ‘farrin’
  • Family from ‘town’
  • Family from ‘country’
  • Siblings from university
  • Cousins from every land known to man
  • Baby neices and nephews who are just so adorable
  • Annoying aunts and uncles
  • Grandpparents
  • Favourite aunts and uncles