Christmas Gifts To Give Yourself

We may spend this entire Christmas season gift hunting for friends and family. However, there is nothing wrong with indulging in a little gift shopping for yourself. Here are a few items you should consider getting yourself this Christmas.

1. Get a head start on the New Year with a year planner


What better way to approach your new year than to get a head start on planning? Buying a year planner may be just the thing you need to stay organised in the New Year. There are many styles to choose from online and locally at any bookstore or pharmacy.

Find a customisable planner online from Erin Condren Designs.

2. Kick start your efforts to work out with a yoga mat


You can’t go wrong with a yoga mat. You can use it for exercise or simply to sit or lay on while relaxing. When choosing the mat, just ensure that it is thick enough to protect your knees and elbows during exercise. If you already own a yoga mat, an alternative would be to get yourself some weights to build on your new workout collection.

Get it locally!

Check out GK Sports in the Sovereign Centre.

3. Thrift shop for more affordable clothing options


I personally made a vow not to buy any more new clothing for myself at exorbitant prices. If you’re in need of “new” clothes, then thrift shop for the pieces you need. You can spend very little to a moderate amount of money on a variety of clothing options to take you through the Christmas season and into the new year. Stalk social media for closet sales and check out a few thrift shops like the Salvation Army outlet in downtown Kingston.

4. A wine rack is perfect for a lover of wines (and other alcoholic beverages)


If you plan to start a mini collection of wines then get yourself a wine rack. Start small with a table top option.

Get it locally!

Find a wine rack you like at Azan’s.

5. Treat yourself to a mini vacation


Invest in a trip to another part of the island that you like or have never been to. This trip doesn’t have to be too expensive, either. Take your pick of all-inclusive hotels or bed and breakfast inns to spend a relaxing weekend. Take the trip after Christmas and wind down from all the stressing you did over gift shopping. You won’t regret it.

Find cheaper accommodations all across the island through Air B’n’B.

There are many other things you can buy for yourself. Decide on what you think is most important to you and get it. No need to rush in to buy yourself a gift for the Christmas Day deadline. Take your time and make it a treat.

Peace & Love,


Afayah is an Award-Winning Lifestyle Blogger and the Co-Founder of the blog Orange Street, which focuses on the life and style of the Caribbean woman. Follow her personal style updates on Instagram @afayah.