Charts of The Week: Road Fatality Statistics, 1992-2015

June is observed as Road Safety Month. Although the majority of accidents do not result in loss of life, the number of road fatalities in Jamaica continues to climb at a troubling rate. It is important to take a look at the devastating toll that road fatalities have had. Note that data used in this post is from the National Road Safety Council and can be found here on their official website.

Road Fatalities From 1992-2015

8,476 persons have lost their lives on Jamaica’s roads in the last 24 years. That averages out to a devastatingly high figure of 387 persons per year.

Total Number of Road Fatalities, 1992-2015

Gender Differences in Road Fatalities

Data shows that between men and women, men are the more frequent victims of fatal road crashes. In fact, road fatalities among men are 4 times more likely than among women.

Number of Road Fatalities by Gender, 1992-2015

 Recent Trends in Road Fatalities

In 2015, motor cyclists were the main victims of fatal road crashes. This explains the decision to pay special attention this Road Safety Month on educating motorcyclists.

Number of Road Fatalities by Category, 2015

Number of Fatalities by Category, 1992-2015

When the number of fatalities for passengers and drivers of the various types of vehicles are considered separately, pedestrians are the most frequent victims of road fatalities (on average 110 persons per year). However, when passengers and drivers are combined, private motor cars match pedestrians in being most frequently involved in accidents that lead to fatalities. Also, notice the disturbingly large jump in the number of fatal road crashes involving motorcyclists in 2015.

number of fatalities by combined category 1992-2015


Practising good road safety skills can save lives. Please read up on road safety here: