Chart Of The Week: Gas Prices 2013 & Industry News – Tankers Strike


This Chart of the Week we focus on the movement in the price for Petrojam’s gasoline (87 & 90 Octane) and automobile diesel for 2013. The clustered cylinder column chart above depicts month-end Petrojam prices for 87, 90 and Diesel (J$/Litre) for the period January 2013 to November 2013.

Based on the company’s latest mid-week announcement of prices for its petroleum product, 87 and 90 will be sold for $113.07 and $114.73 per litre effective December 12, 2013 while automotive diesel will be sold for $121.79 per litre.


For November month-end 2013 the price per litre (J$/L) for 87 J$114.16 represents a 13% increase over the price for the corresponding period in 2012. In comparison to October month-end 2013 when the price was J$111.28 for 87 Octane, the price ended November with a 3% higher price.


November month-end 2013 90 price per litre (J$/L) $115.82 marks a 13% increase over the price for the corresponding period in 2012. Additionally against the price of J$112.94 for October month-end 2013 the price was 3% higher.


The November month-end 2013 price for automobile Diesel J$121.02 per litre in comparison to November month-end 2012 represents a 12 % higher price for the product. The price for Diesel fuel at the end of October 2013 was 1% less than November month-end 2013 at J$119.99 per litre.

* The prices quoted above are not actual price/litre for the petroleum products at the pump. Marketing and distribution companies add their own markups at the pumps.

Industry News

On Thursday December 12, 2013 haulage contractors (tanker drivers who transport petroleum products to service stations) parked their vehicles in protest after plans to negotiate an increase in their haulage rates with Government officials and other stakeholders fell through.

Government officials and representatives of the the parties involved were in a meeting up to midnight last night to try to resolve the matter. From the meeting the parties came to an agreement and a MOU was drafted. However the signing of the MOU was delayed to give the relevant parties involved time to consult with their members.

The haulage contractors promised to resume their services after the MOU is signed but until that happens consumers should expect to experience difficulties in purchasing petroleum products said Julian Robinson, Junior Energy Minister.

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