Chart Of The Week: Diesel Continues To Move Up

Source: Petrojam Limited
Source: Petrojam Limited

diGgers with the mid-week announcement of new gas prices we have decided to zoom in on the price for the petroleum product Diesel.

This week it was announced that the price/litre for E10-87 and E10-90 would decrease by 34 cents and 35 cents respectively, to be sold for $116.64 and $118.29, while the price per litre for automotive Diesel would increase by $1.99 to be sold for $121.07.

The price/litre of automotive Diesel has been on a rise since April of this year, as indicated by the arrow on the chart. To end April, the price/litre for automotive Diesel was $106.63 and by the end of August the new price was $119.08, representing a 12% increase over the four month period.

The prices quoted above, do not take into account the actual price/litre for Diesel at the pump. Following the announcement of new prices by the Refinery, marketing and distribution companies are allowed to add their own markups. So the actual pinch in the pockets of owners of Diesel vehicles may certainly be greater than 12%.

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