Champs School Profile – St George’s College

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The boys from the northern side of North Street have not had the best of luck at Champs, although they have had their moments of glory. Here are some facts about St George’s College.

  1. The ‘light blues’ have won Champs twice – 1914 and 1925.
  2. It’s 1925 victory was due to three boys named George – Kenneth George Hill, George Clement Tavares and Louis St George Knight, who scored all but one of the school’s 23 points.
  3. Old boy and current GraceKennedy CEO Don Wehby won a gold medal in the class 3 100m hurdles in 1978.
  4. Tesfa Latty’s winning time of 10.24 in the class one 100m was not only the meet record at the time, but also the second-fastest time to be run by a junior athlete.

Source: Champs 100: A Century of Jamaican High School Athletics 1910-2010 by Hubert Lawrence