Celebrate The Sweet! It’s Ice Cream Month


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! July is being celebrated as National Ice Cream Month in the United States, but we couldn’t miss out on the action here in Jamaica. After all, we do have a number of local companies producing cold, creamy treats of the highest quality. So go ahead, indulge with us. And if you feel like having a scoop (or two) with lunch or after work, that’s fine, too.


Caribbean Cream Ltd (Kremi) – Caribbean Cream was started in November 2005 by Christopher Clarke, son of Carol Clarke-Webster of Devon House I Scream fame. The company manufactures 21 different flavours of ice cream in 3 gallon, 1.5 gallon and quart sizes, as well as six flavours of ice cream cake. In addition to traditional fare like vanilla and grapenut, there are innovative offerings such as cherry chocolate chip, fruit cake, pistachio cherry, candy ripple, ginger, skip to my lou, outta road and the popular Jamaica 50, pictured above. Ice cream cake flavours include vanilla, rum & raisin, grapenut and cherry vanilla.


Scoops Unlimited Ltd (Devon House I Scream) – Scoops Unlimited was founded by Carol Clarke-Webster 1989 and serves as the company’s Managing Director. She is famous for creating the famous and often imitated Devon Stout ice cream flavour. In addition to Devon Stout, there are 26 other flavours to enjoy, including bordeaux cherry, rocky river, strong back, coconut coffee, mango, butter almond and soursop. In November 2011, National Geographic: Food Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe listed Devon House as the fourth-best place in the world to eat ice cream. However, if you are not in Kingston, don’t worry. There are several Devon House I Scream franchises across the island where you can get your sweet treat.


Smith & Stewart Distributors Ltd (Crazy Jim) – Smith & Stewart is the largest local manufacturer of ice cream, producing 27 flavours. In addition to their long-time favourites, the company unveiled a new range of flavours in 2012, called CJ Twist. Flavours include chunky cherry pistachio, orange vanilla, raisin crunch, nutty rum, fruity delite and apple vodka. The company also recently expanded its product portfolio with the addition of a milkshake line, aptly titled Crazy Shake, in four delicious flavours: cherry, chocolate, eggnog, and vanilla.

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Mother’s Premium Ice Cream – Mother’s is popularly known for its patties and burger offerings, but did you know that they have been making ice cream for the past 33 years? Currently, the fast-food chain has 15 yummy flavours to choose from, with rum & raisin and grapenut being the favourites. However, you can tickle your tastebuds with unique flavours such as chocolate rum, calypso rum, eggnog, pralines ‘n’ cream, cookies ‘n’ cream and strawberry swirl.


Caribbean Royale Ice Cream Company – This one is exclusively for our readers in the Diaspora. Caribbean Royale Ice Cream Company was founded by Jamaican immigrant Hyacinth Reece-Headley in Evanston, Illinois on July 21, 1995 and quickly gained rave reviews in the Chicago Metropolitan area. It is also a favourite in North Carolina, where the company is now based. Dubbed ‘the Cream of the Caribbean,’ the ice cream comes in nine flavours: rum raisin, banana, mango, guava, grape nuts, sour sop, coconut, fruit medley and pineapple. Distribution and shipping are done from Sundays to Fridays.


Debz Gourmet Soy Ice Cream and Sorbet – Founded by Debbie Belcher, a vegan,  Debz Gourment Soy Ice Cream offers a variety of flavours that are so good, non-vegetarians won’t have a bad thing to say. Debz products are made with seasonal Jamaican fruits and all natural ingredients. The ice cream is also lactose free. Flavors include coconut, grapenut, rum & raisin, coconut pineapple, coffee, stout, fulla passion, honey-roasted almond, chocolate and mocha. Debz Gourmet Soy Ice cream can be found in retail outlets in Kingston, Portmore, Spanish Town, May Pen, Mandeville and Montego Bay.