Can I Vote Without A National ID Card?

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Yesterday, we gave you a step-by-step guide to getting your name on the voters’ list. The next list will be published on November 30 and if you haven’t yet registered, you have until September 30 to do so. The matter has taken on a sense of urgency in recent weeks as the whispers that a general election is imminent have begun to grow louder. If you are not a part of the voters’ list at the time an election is called, you will not be eligible to vote.

The last step in the registration process is the issuing of your voter ID card, which is used as a de facto national ID. But what happens if you do not have your ID at election time?

According to the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ), that does not prevent you from being able to cast your ballot.

Once your name appears on the voters’ list, the Presiding Officer will seek to confirm a voter/elector’s identity by:

  • comparing the photograph in the black book (EOJ records) with the elector, and
  • asking certain questions of the elector based on information provided at the time of registration

If the elector is able to answer the questions, he or she will be asked to swear/affirm to his/her identity and be fingerprinted prior to being issued a ballot.

This process significantly extends the time taken to vote, so once you are a registered voter, it is important to collect your ID card at your constituency office and ensure that it remains in your possession.

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