How You Can Help Prepare Your Child For The Primary Exit Profile (PEP)

The National Standards Curriculum (NSC) is designed for all students, regardless of their background and profile. It is aimed at enabling students to become successful lifelong learners, who are confident and productive citizens deeply rooted in culture, identity & citizenship as Jamaicans.

The NSC is promoting the 4Cs:

1. Communication

2. Collaboration

3. Critical Thinking

4. Creativity

To help your child your child embody the 4Cs they should be provided frequently with the kind of learning activities that allow them to:

  • Adopt an inquiring mindset when confronted with a problem to find a solution
  • Examine real life problems from several perspectives
  • Question the relevance of problems and solutions to the Jamaican culture
  • Use physical/tangible objects as resources for understanding and solving problems
  • Manipulate Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as tools for problem solving and to communicate and collaborate effectively
  • Connect their learning to expectations of the worlds of work
  • Rely on the art forms to support creative, reflective thinking
  • Collaborate as learning teams or communities that desire every member to experience a sense of belonging and desire to achieve success
  • Reflect on their own experiences in order to learn from them

Information via The Ministry of Education, Youth & Information