Business Update: Stock Market Up-ticks – December 2013


**diGgers please note that the scale on the left and right hand side of the chart does not start at zero, this helps to magnify the changes.

During December 2013, market capitalization of the JSE Main Market increased by J$19.15 billion or 4% to close at J$492.18 billion. The market capitalization of the Junior Market increased by J$1,803.15 million or 7% to close at J$27,391.13 million.

Market capitalization is the total dollar market value of all a company’s outstanding share.

Overall for the month of December both the JSE Main Market Index and the Junior Market Index performed positively when compared to trading in November 2013.  The JSE Main Market Index advanced by 3,151.72 points or 3.91% points to close at 80,633.55 points and the Junior Market Index advanced by 33.42 points or 4.41% to close at 757.86 points.


JSE Main Market volume was high in December 2013 with 202.6 million units valued at J$2.688 billion changing hands compared to 70 million units valued at J$1.031 billion in November 2013. The volume of trades in the Junior Market for December 2013 was 31% higher than November with 25 million units valued at J$49 million changing hands.

Results from the month’s trading session on the JSE Main Market reveal that of the 34 stocks that were traded, 18 advanced, 9 declined and 7 traded firm. While the results for the Junior Market show that of the 20 stocks that traded, 14 advanced, 6 declined and 0 traded firm.

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