Business Update: Exchange Rate & Stock Market Report

Business Highlights End of Oct 2014

Exchange Rate

October 30, 2014, the last day of trading for the month, the US dollar traded for an average selling rate of J$112.76:US$1.00, representing a less than one per cent depreciation relative to the ending of the previous month. September 30, 2014, the US dollar traded for an average selling rate of J$112.74.

For point-to point (Oct. 2013 to Oct. 2014) comparison, the dollar depreciated by 7%. The depreciation in the dollar since the signing of the IMF Agreement May 1, 2013 now stands at 14%.

diG more…Indicative exchange rates for the last day of each month from January 2013 to October 2014

Stock Market Update

Main JSE Index & Junior Index

In October, the main index declined and the junior index advanced. The main index declined by 532.07 points to close at 71,706.29. While the junior index advanced by 2.67 points to close at 656.46.

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