Burning Spear Playlist


Last week, we looked at ‘reggae historian’ Burning Spear, who has spent much of his career as a touring artist, and continues to perform to appreciative crowds to this day. Today, we present a playlist featuring 25 of his popular hits and classics, with iTunes links to purchase. Enjoy!

  1. Old Marcus Garvey
  2. Marcus Garvey
  3. Dry & Heavy
  4. Door Peep
  5. Mek We Dweet
  6. Jah Kingdom
  7. Christopher Columbus
  8. Woman I Love You
  9. Jordan River
  10. The Invasion (Black Wa Da Da)
  11. Man In The Hills
  12. Throw Down Your Arms
  13. Jah Is Real
  14. Africa
  15. Queen Of The Mountain
  16. Burning Reggae
  17. Calling Rastafari
  18. People Get Ready
  19. Lion
  20. Don’t Sell Out
  21. African Postman
  22. Slavery Days
  23. Red, Green And Gold
  24. Black Disciples
  25. Social Living