Jamaica Boxing Association governs the sport of boxing in Jamaica.  Association which was founded in 1929 by the Right Excellent Norman Manley, is itself governed by the Jamaica Boxing Board of Control (JBBC).  The Board of Control is responsible for providing “guidelines for the administration of the sport.”

In Jamaica there are 9 gyms registered to train boxers, including the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Gym located at Up Park Camp in Kingston.  All told, there are around 130 boxers being trained at the 9 gyms. Boxing bouts and matches are organized either by the local gyms or by international bodies. Jamaica has produced many world-class boxers including Bunny Sterling, the first immigrant to hold a British title.  British World Champion Lennox Lewis was born of Jamaican parents. 
c/o Social Development Commission
31 Phoenix Avenue
Kingston 10
Officers of the JBBC / Board of Directors
  • Stephen Jones, President
  • Alexander Johnson, 1st Vice President
  • Lt. Col. Derek Robinson, 2nd Vice President
  • Leroy Brown, O.D., General Secretary
  • Doreen Brown, Asst General Secretary
  • Alastair MacBeath, Treasurer
  • Keith Brown
  • Kingsley Goodison
  • Wallace Campbell
  • Sonia Jackson
  • Luke Irons
  • Justin Robinson


Boys Town
Contact: Devon Clark
Address: Boys Town, Kingston
Phone: (876)448-0176
Boxers: 20
Bruising Gym
Contact: Carl Grant
Address: Stony Hill, St. Andrew
Phone: (876)423-6971
Boxers: 20
G. C. Foster
Contact: Rodriques
Address: Spanish Town, St. Catherine
Phone: (876)472-5737
Boxers: 5
Hard Knocks
Contact: Andrew Boland
Address: Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland
Phone: (876)406-2730
Boxers: 5
Heavy Metal
Contact: Porter Reid
Address: St Ann's Bay, St. Ann
Phone: (876)427-0585
Boxers: 20
Jamaica Defence Force (JDF)
Contact: Kingsley Barrett
Address: Up Park Camp, Kingston
Phone: (876)408-0126
Boxers: 10
Job's Gym
Contact: Job Walters
Address: Anchovy, St. James
Phone: (876)369-7560
Boxers: 15
Stanley Couch
Contact: Kingsley Goodison
Address: Victoria Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876)858-4286
Boxers: 20
Tiger Gym
Contact: Godfrey Collins
Address: c/o Stanley Couch Gym, Victoria Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876)414-8556
Boxers: 5
Jamaica Boxing Association
1 Belmont Road
Kingston 5
Phone: (876) 968-8077