4 Simple Beauty Tips for Looking Festive This Holiday Season

It’s easy to believe that you have to go big or go home during the Christmas season – everything is extra bright and sparkly. If you’re a simple kind of girl but still want to participate in the Christmas cheer without going over the top, then these tips may just be what you need.

Dress up your hair

headbandsWearing a statement hair accessory may just be the one thing you need to add Christmas cheer to your outfit. Whether you’re in an office setting or have to grocery shop, putting a festively coloured headband on is a small way to create some excitement. Opt for headbands or head-ties in colours like red/burgundy, green, silver or gold. These colours can either be complimentary to your outfit or it can stand out. Either way, it is a simple option to creating that festive look without looking like one of Santa’s helpers.

A bolder option: Choose a flower crown with red and/or green flowers to really draw attention to your mane.

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Whether you’re a lipstick person or not, a red lip is the way to go to add some spunk for Christmas. Applying red lipstick can switch up any look from plain Jane to sexy Susan with little effort. Whether you’re planning what to wear or just throwing something on, make it Christmas-worthy by putting some love into those lips. Ensure that you moisturize first, then line them and fill them in with a matching colour. This step will ensure that the lipstick lasts longer.

A bolder option: If you’re already comfortable in red lipstick then make it even more festive by adding gloss on top. This will draw even more attention to your candy-cane red lips.

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Bright NailsFotorCreated

This tip is really very simple. Nicely painted nails contribute to a put-together look, but bright and festive nails add character. Channel the Christmas spirit by painting your nails with glitter infused colours to add a tiny bit of sparkle. Take inspiration from your Christmas tree ornaments and cover your nails in gold, silver or multi-coloured glitter-filled nail polish.

A bolder option: Try a Christmas inspired pattern. Go all out with painted Christmas trees and other symbols of Christmas. Your nails will be a conversation starter at any party this holiday season.

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Glitter Liquid EyelinerMakeupC20120726IA

This is the least noticeable of all the tips but just as festive. Switch out your plain black eyeliner for a brightly coloured and glittery infused liquid liner. It’s an easy way to bring colour to the eyes without having a full face of makeup on. Bat your pretty glitter lashes to show Santa that you’ve been good.

A bolder option:  Add a sparkly eyeshadow to the lid to go along with the liquid eyeliner.

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It’s easy to embody the Christmas Spirit with these 4 simple tips. Try them on a daily basis or for special occasions. And if you’re a little more bold, go ahead and try the alternative options. Upgrade your looks even more by combining all the options. Try it!

Peace & Love,

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