Bauxite and Alumina Industry: May 2013 Performance

Source: Jamaica Bauxite Institute

For the month of May, Alumina Production rose by 19% to 171,273MT from 143,451MT in April. Alumina Production has not been this high since March 2011 when output was 172,615MT. Additionally,May 2013’s output is the highest recorded output for the month of May for 2010-2013. May’s Alumina output represents a 16% rise above May 2012, a mere 1% over May 2011, however, a significant 56% rise above May 2010’s output.

Source: Jamaica Bauxite Institute

While Alumina output improved during the month of May, output of Crude Bauxite dipped from the previous month, moving from 377,772MT in April to 359,356MT in May. May’s Crude Bauxite output represents a 5% decline from April 2013, 18% below May 2012 and 14% below May 2011. The last time Crude Bauxite Production has been this low was in April 2012 when output was 348,309MT. Moreover, for the month of May it is the lowest recorded output between 2010-2013.

Bauxite and Alumina are critical foreign exchange earners for Jamaica. For more information and staying up-to-date with key indicators required for surveillance under the IMF Extended Fund Facility check out our IMF Special Report.  Fueled by research, it is the first and only online information portal about Jamaica’s relationship and interaction with the IMF, providing valuable newsdata, timelines and resources.