For all TRV (Visitor) applicants, the following are required:

  • TRV application form, fully completed, signed and dated
  • Fully completed “Personal Information Form”
  • 2 recent, original, passport-sized photos for each applicant
  • Valid passport and any previous passports (note: visa validity will not extend beyond expiry of passport
  • Non-refundable fee payment (does not apply to Transit Visa applications; see below for further details)
  • Personal documentation of self and/or of spouse or of person on whom you are financially dependent:
  • Original letter of employment indicating position, years of service, salary and leave entitlement; signed, dated and including employer’s contact information; or
  • if self-employed, proof of business: business and taxation registration, certificate of incorporation and articles of association, trade certificates, business licence, business bank account details last 6 months and recent financial statements;
  • If a student original letter from the educational institution indicating level, program, expected completion date
  • proof of personal funds: recent, original bank statements) showing exact amount in account(s): bank books and/or monthly investment statements showing the last 6 months’ transaction;
  • proof of assets: e.g. property titles, land titles, motor vehicle registration, etc.


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