Preliminary Results- An Election 2016 Snapshot

The preliminary results are in, and a winner has been declared. Based on preliminary results, the JLP will form the new government as decided by the February 25, 2016 election.

Preliminary Election 2016 (5)

Here’s a quick breakdown of the preliminary 2016 results:

  • The JLP has won 33 seats
  • The PNP has won 30 seats
  • The overall number of votes cast was 860,663
  • 47.72% of the electorate turned out to vote
  • 436,459 votes were cast for the JLP
  • 432,353 votes were casts for the PNP
  • On a constituency level, the highest turnout was 61%, in St. Elizabeth South Eastern. This seat was won by Franklyn Witter.
  • The lowest turnout in a constituency was 36% in Westmoreland Western. The seat was won by Wykeham McNeill.

For a full list of the winners in each constituency, see Election 2016 – Meet The MPs. The full ECJ preliminary results report can be seen here, General Election 2016 Preliminary Results-Summary.

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*Post has been updated to correct percentage turnout on a constituency level.