Advice from Jamaican Entrepreneurs: Tyrone Wilson




Name: Tyrone Wilson

Age: 30

Name of business: eMedia Interactive & iCreate Institute

Your job title: Founder, President & CEO

Age at which you started your business: 21

What do you think is the most important character trait in a successful entrepreneur?

The most important character trait in an entrepreneur, in my opinion, should be determination. An entrepreneur is required to believe even when everyone else is thinking the opposite. It is for that reason why entrepreneurs around the world continue to break barriers and introduce the impossible. As a student of entrepreneurship, I’ve read about some of the greatest entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and one common trait among all of them is determination.

Identify one hardship that you experienced while building your business and how you overcame that.

Hardship is an everyday issue when running a business. As an entrepreneur and one who’s trying to build a business in the creative economy, the hardest thing is to monetise from this field. This field consists of individuals who have been in it for years, who built strong relationships and good reputation. The challenge is that the industry lacks innovation, new thinking and an ability to monetize from that. Finding the right team of individuals who think long term rather than for short term gains is necessary to overcome these hardships.

Describe one moment in which you felt immense pride in your accomplishment as entrepreneur.

I feel immense pride daily. I’m one to live in the moment of the company’s success. Just being up and running, employing individuals and seeing them come through the door each day with pride and excitement to do their job is worth everything.

 How important were family/connections/relationships to your work’s success?

My parents are proud of me, my younger brother also and those make me feel really proud about what I’ve been able to achieve over the years. Connections, family and relationships are all ingredients to success. I wouldn’t be able to build what I’ve built today without family, friends and individuals who I’ve met over the years who decided to come on board and help build this company.

What advice would you give to youth considering starting entrepreneurial ventures in Jamaica?

Believe in yourself even when everyone else is in doubt. Doubt is toxic.

For the picture: Why did you choose this pic and what does it say about you?

A blog was done on me the other day and the writer quoted: ‘Now, eight years on, Mr. Wilson has taken a major step forward. When I met him again recently, sporting dark framed glasses and a beard, he looked more like a teacher – a mentor even. This is the start of something new for him personally, it seems.’ I believe the writer saw it before me. She was right on point because I feel that my company and ambitions are evolving into something more powerful and meaningful.

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