Advice From Jamaican Entrepreneurs: Kadeem Pet-Grave



jaentkadeempetgraveName: Kadeem Pet-Grave
Age: 25
Name of business: Educatours JA
Your job title: CEO & Co-founder
Age at which you started your business: 23

What do you think is the most important character trait in a successful entrepreneur?


Identify one hardship that you experienced while building your business and how you overcame that.

Convincing a certain group of Jamaican naysayers that gamified tours can solve of the problems we face in Education. With team work, persistence and results, you can’t be upset with naysayers, you should be inspired and motivated by them, prove them wrong.

Describe one moment in which you felt immense pride in your accomplishment as entrepreneur.

On January 28, 2015 – the day we successfully executed our first field trip, a team of six. Give thanks to Talia Soares, Shanice Williams, David Wright, Simier Lansend & Ramon ‘Motza’ Knight. Special thanks to Mrs. Gray Natalie Gray-Reid.

How important were family/connections/relationships to your work’s success?

Very important! Friends & family helped to start the company and they are helping to grow it as well. Take note of the names I’m calling in this interview, they’re friends and family. Without my mother, I would have had to quit in year one.

What advice would you give to youth considering starting entrepreneurial ventures in Jamaica?

a. There’s no one formula for entrepreneurial success however mentorship, incubation and networking are tested and proven tools that have worked in the past. Ask Tyrone Wilson from eMedia Interactive.

b. Be prepared to face the naysayers with an open but strong mind, but do so after you have done your research and interacted with your target market. Strength will allow you to hear and dump rubbish whilst oneness will help you to recognise and heed words of wisdom that.

For the picture: Why did you choose this pic and what does it say about you?

Why? Because that’s a genuine smile on my face, something that was rare not long ago. This picture says that I’m a Visionary Revolutionary. Didn’t you read the signs? *laughs*

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