For minors:
  • birth certificate in original and a certified declaration of consent of the non accompanying parent(s) as they appear on the birth certificate as well as a certified copy of the parent(s) valid picture-ID
For Germany
  • The original of a formal obligation – “Verpflichtungserklärung” – from the person inviting you. (This document has to be obtained from the alien authority in the city of residence of the host in Germany.)
For Italy and Estonia:
  • The original invitation letter of your Italian/Estonian host with a legalized signature (include current bank statements and certified copy of passport from the host and if applicable, valid resident permit in Italy/Estonia)
For tourists:
  • hotel reservation
  • a complete tour itinerary
For those on business trips:
  • the original of the invitation letter from the company in Germany/Italy/Estonia stating who is invited, for how long and for what purpose. It must be mentioned whether the costs of flight, accommodation and lodging are covered.
If the trip is not paid by the German/Italian/Estonian side you will also need:
  • confirmation from your employer that all the costs are covered by the company
  • a recent letter from the employer’s bank stating exact figures and account details
For transit through Germany:
  • a complete flight itinerary which must state clearly if you change Airport Terminals in Germany
  • a valid visa for your connecting flight and final destination