Access to Information Technology in Jamaica

The year is 2015. It is the year of Skype, Twitter, Google Glass and Windows Operating systems consisting of various platforms. A mouse is no longer something you need to ‘deal wid’ with a cat or a trap. Seemingly everywhere you go, there is a man, woman, child, baby with a phone attached to their fingertips, listening to music, sending emails or even watching television. You may find these people walking distractedly into oncoming traffic or moving three miles per hour, texting on their phone. Globalisation at its best.

The increase in Internet access in Jamaica has lead to the spread of information in the Land of Wood & Water; seeing thousands interact and integrate driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. This boost has even seen the need for cybercrime legislation, including tips on how to shop online safely. Access to information technology in Jamaica has become a huge issue and a freedom that many take seriously. What do we do with that access however?

Did you know?

  • 37.8 % of Jamaican individuals have access to the internet, ranking Jamaica 88th in the world out of 144.
  • Jamaica is 43rd out of 144 countries in terms of availability of latest technologies.

Check out this thought-provoking infographic from Chrysalis Communications about Access to information in Jamaica.

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