7 Tips: Happiness

Happiness all around

Tip Thursday is here again.

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. March 20, 2013 was International Day of Happiness and diGJamaica is celebrating with tips, tips and more tips.

With the state of economy trending downwards, the disastrous effects of the crime and violence, the amount of taxes levied and the cost of living going up, one could say that there are little reasons to be happy.

However with the Gleaner doing it’s own research on happiness, see  Cool And Content – Manchester Happiest Parish In Jamaica, it is apparent happiness is all around us. What are some tips that you can use to be happier and more fulfilled in your life?

Here are 7 happy and fulfilling tips today.

  1. Appreciate your life. It is very easy to see the negative features and issues in your life. Appreciate what you have in life, no matter how ‘little’ it may seem. Focus on the things you do have, rather on the things you don’t have. Once you can be grateful for what you do have, you will not be distracted and pulled down by the negative parts of life.
  2. Invest in yourself and your relationships. Humans are social creatures and forging and maintaining relationships with family, friends or colleagues is very important to well-being and happiness. Happy people work on those interactions and surround themselves with people with the same goals.
  3. Time and priorities.  Happy people are able to manage their responsibilities effectively. There may be times when life gets hectic with various elements but effective time management and prioritization of what really matters helps to groom a happier, less stressed individual.
  4. Your health is your strength. Eat well and exercise regularly. Preventing sickness is a key element of ensuring happiness. Your health is your strength so be on guard.
  5. Play and have fun. Many times we take life very seriously which leads to more stress, pain and discomfort. Take time out to play whether it is going to the park, playing in the pool, even running with your children. Life becomes a joy when you can actively participate in it.
  6. Pursue your happiness. Set goals towards being happy. Plan what you can do to increase your level of happiness. Be SMART in your goal setting (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely)
  7. Share. Be one to share your happiness with others. Give more, smile more, and listen more. Let your happiness be contagious to others and it will increase your own tenfold.

For more information, see The Happiness Institute.