7 Tips: Enjoying Bacchanal

Tip Thursday is here!  So let’s get out our pens, pencils, notepads, laptops and iPads and get started.

Bacchanal is a major event planned during the first quarter of the year. 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of carnival in Jamaica. This year’s theme is ‘Le Masquerade’ and it promises to be fun-filled and memorable. It’s already being touted as the ‘best ever’ staging of the event.

That being said, how can YOU make this Bacchanal the best ever or if you are a first timer, how can you fully enjoy this treat for the eyes and ears?

Just follow these easy tips and you’ll be ready to wave your han’ all night.

  1. Jam with a group. Bring your friends out to Bacchanal and go as a part of a group. There is safety and fun in numbers.
  2. Travel light.  There is no need to carry large bags. Bacchanal will be action packed and exciting. Carrying big bags will only weight you down, try a fanny pack for your important items such as cell phones and car keys instead.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing. There will be movement in every area. Enjoy every moment by wearing comfortable, loose clothing that will allow you to move to every beat.
  4. Always be aware of where you park. Park in the areas designated for Bacchanal at New Mas Camp so that you can be assured of the safety of your car and its contents.
  5. Do not wonder off alone. Have fun dancing to the music but stay within the sanctioned areas for the party.
  6. Eat. Bacchanal is all about fun and laughter. A night of revelry, food is not readily served at the venue. Eat a good meal before you arrive or take advantage of the many pan chicken men outside serving up some good food.
  7. Don’t forget your handkerchief and sneakers. Ditch the heels ladies. Opt for wearing comfortable sneakers for maximum fun and don’t forget your rag to wave as you dance along.

For more about Bacchanal, the key dates and general information, read Bacchanal Jamaica Unmasked on Friday and First Saturday Party For Bacchanal Jamaica

The new home at New Mas Camp is ready, you’re already set with tips so………GO!.

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