7 ‘Profile’ Moments From The Life of Ian Boyne

A journalist for almost 30 years, Ian Anthony Boyne, CD, 60, was one of Jamaica’s most prolific, well-known and respected media personalities. His many accomplishments were beyond remarkable, and his attempt to build what he called ‘positive journalism’ has left an indelible impression on the nation’s collective memory. Boyne passed at a young 60, but not before leaving a legacy well in excess of his just 30 years in journalism.

For his outstanding contribution to Jamaican media and journalism, he was awarded the national honour of Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander in October 2009. Here’s a list of some of his more memorable accomplishments:

  1. Boyne served as press secretary, speech writer and public relations consultant to prime ministers and government ministers.
  2. In 1981, Boyne won the Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) Award for Distinguished Religious Writing – he was the only jounalist to ever get that award.
  3. Editor Dudley Stokes introduced his baker’s dozen of 13 new columnists in October/November 1987. Boyne has been a columnist with the Gleaner since that time until his death.
  4. He was host of Jamaica’s longest-running non-seasonal television interview programme, ‘Profile’, launched in February 1987, which developed a large and faithful Sunday evening following. Over the course of the programme, he interviewed more than 1,300 persons.
  5. He was Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), an appointment he received in 2010.
  6. In 2002, he started the programme ‘Religious Hardtalk’ on RJR FM radio. Two years later, in March 2004, it made a TV debut.
  7. The Press Association of Jamaica’s Morris Cargill Award for Opinion Journalism, which he won in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2009.