6 Things You Need To Know Today – January 22, 2016

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  1. Andrew’s Fears – Opposition Leader Feels Jamaica’s Democracy At Risk, While Crime Soars. Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Andrew Holness is harbouring deep fears for Jamaica that he feels are not being adequately addressed by the current People’s National Party (PNP) Government… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com

  2. Government Won’t Bow To Noranda Bauxite. Threats made by Noranda Aluminum Holding Corporation that it would send home a huge chunk of its workforce if the Government pushes ahead with plans to collect outstanding levy from them have been rebuffed by Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips, who says the Government believes it can collect the revenues without impairing the ability of the company to survive… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com

  3. ‘West Kgn Enquiry Report Could Change Approach To Garrison Politics’. A University of the West Indies-based think tank has suggested that the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry has a golden opportunity to spark changes in what it describes as the risk-shy policy approach of successive governments to dealing with the issues of garrison politics and public security in Jamaica… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com

  4. ‘Fit-For-Duty’ Policy Proposed For Cops. Chief Executive Officer of the Police Civilian Oversight Authority (PCOA) Dave McIntosh is suggesting that the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) should seriously consider introducing a ‘fit-for-duty’ policy aimed at mitigating risks of criminal and errant behaviour in the force. He indicated that the policy would also help to minimise risks related to physiological health and depression… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com

  5. Don’t Fear The Fog – Health Officials Vouch For Safety And Effectiveness Of Chemical Used In ZIKV Prevention. Officials in the Ministry of Health yesterday affirmed the safety and effectiveness of the chemicals used in its fogging exercises… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com

  6. Gov’t Has Zika Plan For Athletes. When it comes to the Zika virus, pregnant women are not the only persons the government is concerned about. This summer Jamaica will send a strong contingent to the Olympic Games in Brazil where in 2015 there were just under 3000 cases of the virus that manifests in symptoms similar to yellow fever and dengue. The virus is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com