6 Things You Need To Know Today – January 11, 2013

1. Malaria Alert – Authorities Rush To Prevent Outbreak After Confirmed Case Of Deadly Disease. The health sector is in a frenzy after the revelation that a Jamaican was on the weekend diagnosed with the highly contagious disease, malaria, after a recent visit to a country on the African continent. Health officials… read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com

2. Salty Ritual Leaves Youth Ministry Staff Wary. Some staff members at the Ministry of Youth and Culture were this week left perplexed at what they deemed ‘strange’ happenings at the ministry’s St Andrew headquarters when salt was used during a religious ritual to ‘bless’ the office… read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com

3. Cabinet Issues Directive To Complete IMF Talks. The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) last night indicated that Cabinet has received an update from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) negotiating team and given directions for transmission to the IMF staff in order to bring about a conclusion to… read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com

4. PNP Promises Quicker Pace For Gov’t Projects. A 124-page self-assessment of its first-year performance has been published by the governing People’s National Party (PNP), which its chairman, Robert Pickersgill, says is another example of the party’s commitment to transparency and accountability… read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com

5. Siblings Donate Equipment, Cash To Alma Mater. New Forest, Manchester: When students and staff of the New Forest Infant, Primary and Junior High School in Manchester arrived for the start of school on Monday, they got a pleasant surprise read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com

6. Rising Treasury Bill Rates Spark Costly Debt Worries – BOJ Urged To Cut Interest Rates. A marked uptick in treasury rates at yearend spells bad news for the Jamaican Government which will have to pay interest on more than J$420 billion of variable rate debt due for repricing this quarter… read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com