6 Things You Need To Know Today – February 10, 2015


  1. Bodies All Over – Golding Paints Grisly Tivoli Account. Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding yesterday recounted that one day into the 2010 police-military operations in the West Kingston community of Tivoli Gardens, then Public Defender Earl Witter reported to him that he saw bodies piled up at the morgue… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  2. JLP More Divided. A meeting of the parliamentary group of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is scheduled to be held today after a flurry of meetings yesterday failed to suture a fresh gash in the already wounded organisation, inflicted by last Friday’s ruling of the Constitutional Court… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  3. Destination Downtown – Tax-Relief Boost. Plans for the redevelopment of downtown Kingston should get a boost with the recent amendment to the Urban Renewal (Tax Relief) Act… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  4. Focusing On Circulatory Disorders. February is Heart Month during which special focus is placed on heart disease. The heart is a central part of your circulatory system. Your heart beats several billion times in your lifetime to pump thousands of gallons of blood carrying vital nutrients and oxygen through over 70,000 miles of blood vessels to the various cells and organs in your body. This is your circulation at work, and the health of your circulatory system is vitally important to your overall well-being… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  5. Weir Looks To Rebound Strongly. After cutting what, by his admission, was a poor season short last year due to a knee issue, Warren Weir says he is nearing his best and has set his sights squarely on this year’s major assignments… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  6. Reggae Falls Short On Soundtracks. Although reggae music has found its way into many movies, there are still difficulties in getting proper clearance to use songs in films. This was the general view of panellists at the Reggae Music and Film Symposium, held as part of the Bob Marley 70th Earth Strong Celebrations on Friday at the Bob Marley Museum, 56 Hope Road, St Andrew… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com