6 Things You Need To Know Today – December 28, 2012

1. Major Arrests Loom… As Cops Close In On ‘Crime Bosses’. Several persons described by Jamaican law-enforcement officials as “entrenched crime bosses” who have amassed millions of dollars in wealth through their criminal lifestyle are now on a priority list of targets for the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Task Force… read more at the Jamaica-Gleaner.com

2. Fewer Road Fatalities – Road Safety Council. For the first time since October 2008 when it launched its ‘Save 300 Lives’ campaign, the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) is on target to do exactly that. Between January 1 and December 27, there were 252 road fatalities… read more at the Jamaica-Gleaner.com

3. We Will Collect Your Garbage… Soon – NSWMA. Residents in the Kingston Metropolitan Region and sections of Portmore in St Catherine can expect the backlog of garbage in their communities to be cleared within the coming days. According to a release from the Metropolitan Parks and Markets (MPM) Waste… read more at the Jamaica-Gleaner.com

4. TripAdvisor ‘Impressed’ With Moby Dick Restaurant. Buoyed by an increase in customers, Moby Dick Restaurant is ending the year on a high note, especially after it has been recognised by TripAdvisor for Business as one of the impressive establishments in downtown… read more at the Jamaica-Gleaner

5. Trelawny Sees Reduction In Murders. The Trelawny police have increased their operations in targeting gangs in the parish. Operational officer attached to the Trelawny police Anthony McLaughlin told a recent parish council meeting … read more at the Jamaica-Gleaner.com

6. Ninja Man Officially Passes Clash Title To Kiprich. While Sting 2012 was built heavily around the clashes, the impending lyrical tag team involving Ninja Man, Kiprich, Merciless and Matterhorn promoted on the large stage screens throughout the over 10-hour marathon concert… read more at the Jamaica-Gleaner.com