6 Things You Need To Know Today – August 2, 2016


  1. ‘Bolt More Popular Than Pele’ – Brazilian Navy Captain Reveals Why J’cans Wooed To Train At Base. Luiz Serrano, the naval officer responsible for Jamaica’s training base in Rio de Janeiro, believes that even in Brazil, Usain Bolt is more popular than native football great Pele, revealing this was a big reason behind their invitation to the Jamaicans to train at their camp…Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  2. Storm Warning – Rush For Emergency Goods As Earl Threatens. With Jamaica starting to feel the effects of a weather system that could develop into Tropical Storm Earl, some business operators yesterday reported a significant increase in demand for emergency supplies, while residents of one flood-prone community have resurrected their cry about their vulnerabilities…Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  3. Plan Your Evacuation Routes. The last major system to affect Jamaica was Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which caused significant damage, especially to eastern parishes. Those are the ones most often hit. But if you don’t live in Portland or St Thomas, why should you be worried?…Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  4. Give Thanks! – CCJ Head Says Caribbean Justice System Far Better Than Inherited At Emancipation. President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Sir Dennis Byron, has urged the peoples of the region now marking 182 years since the reading of the British proclamation, conditionally emancipating thousands from slavery in 1834, to acknowledge the advancements in the justice system…Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  5. NCB Does Not Legally Own Guardian Stake – Records Show Lee-Chin’s AIC Owns Company That Owns GHL Shares – Bank Says It Controls The Board. National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) used up billions of its cash flow on the acquisition of a stake in Guardian Holding Limited (GHL) but now says it does not legally own the shares…Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  6. Holness Pleads For End To Violence. Prime Minister Andrew Holness is appealing to Jamaicans to put an end to violence.Using the platform of Emancipation Jubilee at Seville Heritage Park in St Ann, Holness pleaded with all sectors of the society to work together to make Jamaica the paradise it was destined to be…Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com