6 Things You Need To Know Today – August 12, 2014


  1. Human Rights Push – Holness Wants Commission Established To Proactively Protect Citizens. With Jamaica under the microscope of international rights organisations for alleged human-rights violations, Opposition Leader Andrew Holness is calling for the establishment of a Commission of Human Rights to take a proactive approach to the protecting of the rights of citizens… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  2. Jamaica Not At Default Risk – Phillips – Dishonouring Debt Would Shatter Living Standards, Says Byles. Richard Byles, co-chairman of the Economic Programme Oversight Committee (EPOC), said it would be catastrophic if Jamaica were to default on its debt… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  3. Beware Of Colorado Ganja System – Scientist. A local scientist involved in the research, development and promotion of medicinal products from ganja is warning that measures must be put in place to safeguard against unintended state-sanctioned substance abuse, if Jamaica eventually moves to make the raw material or derivatives legally available for medicinal use… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  4. UWI Offers Degree In Sign Language. Persons who are interested in learning sign language will be able to sign their way to a first degree next academic year at the University of the West Indies, Mona… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  5. Help For Ffriend – Government Assisting National Basketballer Incarcerated In Serbia. The backing that Jamaican basketball player Kimani Ffriend was seeking from the Jamaican Government seems to be on its way… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  6. Tivoli FC Shall Play – MP Assures West Kingston Team Will Participate In RSPL. Desmond McKenzie, Member of Parliament (MP) for West Kingston, has given an assurance to supporters of the Tivoli Gardens Football Club that they will be participating in this season’s Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL), following a threat by the club’s president Edward Seaga to withdraw the team owing to financial constraints… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com