6 Things You Need To Know Today – April 2, 2014


  1. Minimum Business Tax, GCT Amendments Coming In New Budget. The minimum business tax initially announced two years ago will be implemented this fiscal year… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  2. Back Room, No Way! Financial Services Official Declares Jamaica Won’t Hang On To Other Nations’ ‘Coat-tails’. The point man for Jamaica’s efforts to establish an international financial services centre (IFC) in Jamaica has rejected a suggestion that the country should target back-room operations… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  3. Ballistics Report Deemed Unnecessary To Start Enquiry. Former Solicitor General, Michael Hylton, says the ballistics report into the events of May 2010 in west Kingston would greatly assist the proposed commission of enquiry but noted that its unavailability in the short term should not delay the start of the process… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  4. Gov’t Moves To Indemnify Officers Who Acted Unlawfully. When lawmakers return from their short break next legislative year, they will be asked to consider, among other things, a bill, which is seeking to validate the actions of members of the Quarantine Authority who have carried out their duties without legal authority… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  5. Jamaican Sailors Worried About Local Cruise Shipping. Like several local stakeholders, veteran Jamaican cruise ship employee Carter Jones is worried that some of the nation’s resort towns are losing their appeal, and, as a consequence, undermining Jamaica’s future tourism prospects… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com
  6. West Indies Destroy Pakistan. West Indies marched into the semi-finals of the World Twenty20 Championship with the swagger of defending champions by ruthlessly disposing of Pakistan by 84 runs here yesterday… Read more at Jamaica-Gleaner.com