6 Things People Who Love Jamaica Will Understand


Today is #JamaicaDay in schools across the island.  Jamaica Day is an annual celebration of all things Jamaican and this year is no different.

As students step out in their black, green and gold and lovely bandanna colors, let us take a moment to celebrate and revel in all things ‘yardie’. Here are 6 things people who love Jamaica will understand.

1. We will always love the Reggae Boyz. Win or lose, once the players on the team are representing Jamaica, we will support them to the end, even while we complain and argue about their playing style. Those are our Boyz and we will never give them up.

2. No celebration of any Jamaican athlete is complete without smashing two pot covers together to show your joy. From Cherry Gardens to Tivoli Gardens, pot covers are a must during any major sporting event.  If no pot cover is available, a handy door will do for a good slapping. No one complains about being too loud because they probably are slapping their own pot cover.

3. Music is always played loud, especially reggae. We are a rhythm loving, body moving, fun having nation of people. It is normal for cars to have sound system quality music blaring early in the morning and late at night.

4. Food is a ‘No Joke’ matter. Yes, Jamaicans love their food. Whether it is a nice steamed fish with crackers or moist Christmas fruitcake, Jamaicans love ‘good food’ and know where to get it. Jerk chicken? An ice cold beer? We have it covered.

5. We have some of the most beautiful spots on Earth. No contest. From the beaches of the north coast to the coolness of the Blue Mountains, Jamaica is blessed with pure, natural beauty.

6. Although times are hard and many people migrate to foreign lands to gain better opportunities, no where no betta than yaad! Jamaica Land We Love