6 Facts About The Universal Service Fund


The Universal Service Fund (USF) mission is to facilitate the provision of universal access to the information superhighway by stimulating and accelerating the deployment of broadband services island-wide. This is facilitated through the effective collection and astute management of the universal service levy and disbursing such funds in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner to fund appropriate projects.

Below are some important information about the Universal Service Fund, commonly referred to as “USF”:

  1. The Fund was established in 2005.
  2. It was formally known as The Universal Access Fund Company Limited.
  3. The Fund is financed through a levy of US$0.3 per minute on international calls to Jamaica, terminated to fixed lines and US$$0.2 on calls to mobile lines.
  4. Over $12 billion has been collected since the establishment of the Universal Service Fund (USF) 9 years ago.
  5.  190 Community Access Points (CAPs) have been established island wide. A Community Access Point is an internet service facility established in collaboration with community organizations and funded by the USF in furtherance of the Government’s Universal Service Obligation.
  6. Over $600 million has been spent on completing Community Access Points (CAPs) throughout the Island.

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