50 Common ‘Made In Jamaica’ Brands In The Supermarket

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Some time ago, we posted a list of more than 100 items made in Jamaica.  And you asked for some brands.  We have some for you today!

Flipping through the pages of the Made in Jamaica Catalogue, it was interesting to note that many of the local brands are produced all over the island and not just in Kingston. In many cases, local brands utilize local fresh produce and even our water from springs!  In some cases, local brands are designed for specific health purposes.  And of course, we are proud that many of these local brands are award winning – globally and locally.

Here are 50 common food and beverage brands you’ll find in the supermarket.  This is by no means the entire inventory of locally made brands.  However, you’ll see it is quite easy to make a meal – breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner plus a beverage – with only items that are ‘made in Jamaica’.

See list below (manufacturer in italics):

  1. Appleton Estate – rums (J.Wray and Nephew)
  2. Baronhall Estate  – coffees (Jamaica Standard Products)
  3. Benjamin’s – flavourings, sauces, extracts (P.A. Benjamin Manufacturing)
  4. Best Dressed – chicken, fish (Jamaica Broilers)
  5. Bigga – soft drink (Wisynco)
  6. Boom – energy drink (Wisynco)
  7. Butterkist – biscuits (Seprod)
  8. CB – chicken, eggs (Caribbean Broilers)
  9. Calico Jack – rum punch (Trade Winds Citrus)
  10. Caribbean Dreams – teas, drinking chocolate, water (Jamaica Teas)
  11. Catherine’s Peak – spring water (Peak Bottling)
  12. Chocolate Dreams – chocolates, chocolate based desserts (Chocolate Dreams)
  13. Chef – cooking oils (Seprod)
  14. Chiffon – margarine (Seprod)
  15. Coffee Roasters – coffee, coffee products (Country Traders)
  16. Country Traders – rum (Country Traders)
  17. Cran Wata – flavoured water (Wisynco)
  18. Eaton’s – sauces, chutneys (King Pepper Products)
  19. Eve – canned foods (Musson)
  20. Excelsior – crackers, biscuits (Jamaica Biscuit)
  21. Freshhh  – juices (Trade Winds Citrus)
  22. Foska – oats (Caribbean Foods)
  23. Grace – juices, soups, seasonings, pepper sauce, vienna sausages, porridge, jerk seasoning, browning, ackee, ketchup, beans (Grace Kennedy)
  24. Gray’s – sauces (Gray’s Pepper Products)
  25. Healthy Start – breads, crackers (Continental Baking)
  26. Hi-Lyte – drink mixes (Virginia Dare)
  27. Honeykist – honey (HoneyKist Apiaries)
  28. Holsum – breads, rolls (Continental Baking)
  29. Homade – biscuits, snacks (Continental Baking)
  30. HTB – buns (Continental Baking)
  31. Jamaica High Mountain Coffee – coffee (Jamaica Standard Products)
  32. LASCO – food drink, porridge, milk, soy milk (LASCO)
  33. Lifespan – spring water (Lifespan)
  34. Miracle – milk, cornmeal, honey, pasta etc. (Seprod)
  35. National – breads, buns, biscuits (Continental Baking)
  36. Port Royal Overproof Rum -rum (KB Lea Jamaica Rums)
  37. Rainforest Seafoods – fish (Rainforest Seafoods)
  38. Red Stripe  – beers (Diageo)
  39. Rum Fire – rums (Everglades Farms)
  40. Salada – teas, coffees (Salada)
  41. Serge Island  – milks (Seprod)
  42. Sir Henry’s of Morgan’s Valley – cordials, vanilla, pancake syrup, chocolate syrup (Virginia Dare)
  43. St. Mary’s – chips (JP Tropical Foods)
  44. Tru-Juice – juices (Trade Winds Citrus)
  45. Walkerswood – sauces, chutneys (Associated Manufacturers)
  46. Wallenford Blue – Blue Mountain coffees (Jamaica Standard Products)
  47. Wata – water (Wisynco)
  48. Whitfield  – buns, bullas (People’s Favourite)
  49. Wray and Nephew – rums (J. Wray and Nephew)
  50. Yummy – breads (Continental Baking)

What are you favourite “made in Jamaica’ brands? Comment below!